Monday, 23 May 2011

Where this blog is now at

Regular visitors will notice that I haven't posted anything new on this blog for some time. This is deliberate, as the blog was always intended to create an archive of information about the Islanders and the people who sailed and continue to sail and look after them.

Instead of creating new postings I have been steadily correcting any errors found in earlier ones and adding details as they are found. In the course of the blog I've received a lot of information and encouraging comments from the families of former owners, but there are still lots of blanks in the story. It's still my intention someday to produce a volume celebrating the Class, which will present the information in this blog, in particular the images, in a more attractive format, but I won't embark on that voyage until I'm satisfied that any remaining blanks just cannot be filled.

So, if you do have information, memories, old photographs or whatever please let me know. And if you haven't already found it please visit my more general site,

Happy sailing!

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