Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Stroma is for sale

I am posting this to let my friends know, in advance of formal marketing, that I have decided with huge regret to sell my beloved yacht Stroma, number four of the historic Scottish Islands Class, built in 1929 by McGruers to a design by Alfred Mylne. There is a full history of the class on this blog.

Scottish Islanders are absolutely lovely boats, well behaved in virtually all normal conditions, fast and elegant. The compromise is the limited accommodation, which I have always considered a small price to pay for such a wonderful sailing experience.

Stroma was extensively rebuilt by me, with help from a few friends, and her spars, rigging and sails were all renewed before she was relaunched in 2003.

I decided not to instal an engine, so that would be for a new owner to decide.

I bought Stroma in 1976 when I was 28 years old and have had numerous adventures on her with my friends over the years. It’s only advancing age and the lack of regular sailing companions that are causing me to sell her.

Stroma is lying ashore at Kilmelford, in order that her topsides can be repainted, just to freshen her appearance as there are no cracks showing. I’m also doing a number of small jobs to ensure that she’s in fine condition for a new custodian.


  1. I don't know if this blog is still open, but I'll comment regardless. It must be hard for you to sell such a beautiful yacht such as Stroma,so many memories tied up in this lovely vessel.I've enjoyed reading about the island class in your website, great local boat with the best of Scottish builders and designers, what a pedigree..I'll be returning to Scotland later this year after many years overseas and will be looking for a traditional boat to sail the western isles. I'm guessing it's to late to look at Stroma, but i'll certainly be looking out for her. Hope she's still in Scottish waters, fair winds, David McNaught.. contact; elainemcnaught@

  2. Hi David, I've tried to email you but it didn't go through. Can you please email me privately at ewangkennedy(at), replacing the at of course?

  3. My Aunt Trish Lang was asking me if I knew how Stromer was getting on. At 90 she has fond memories of cruising Stromer with my Uncle Michael. Great to see that she is going well
    Cheers and a Happy New Year