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The 1932 Racing Season

Gigha well heeled

1932 saw no new boats joining the fleet, but George Nisbet's Stroma, which had not competed in 1931, returned to the fray. Fidra appears under the flag of Mr A R Keith Thomson, who had either bought or chartered her from Mr Wordie. Mr Thomson was certainly her owner by 1935 and his family's ownership only ended in 1978 with the death of his widow. Westra, Cara and Jura, their owners perhaps dispirited at being beaten most weeks by Herbert Thom, stayed away leaving a diminished fleet.

Once again Gigha was almost unbeatable. The Glasgow Herald reports:-

"Gigha for the second season was champion in the Scottish Islands Class with a total of 27 prizes, including 21 wins, a record for the class. Next in place was Sanda, with Stroma close up, followed by Bernera, Iona and Fidra."

The official results were:-

                                    Starts    1st    2nd    other    total

Gigha- J H Thom                38     21       4         2       27
Sanda- Wm Russell            33       6       7         7       20
Stroma- Geo Nisbet           37       9       5         8       19
Bernera- R K Sharp           31       2     10         3       15
Iona- Jas Buchanan            29       2       6         1         9
Fidra- A R Keith Thomson 17       0       4         1         5

Gigha and Sanda
before the start at Largs
start at Largs 6 August 1932
close finish

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