Friday, 10 September 2010

Iona, yacht no 8

from a photo by Ian G Gilchrist
Iona was built by Bute Slip Dock Company in 1931 for James Buchanan and she was originally painted white. Later she was registered to the following owners:-

            1935 J B Whyte
            1938 G N Lyall
            1948 R R Boyd
            1951 G Forman
            1953 Mr and Mrs J H Christie
            1963 J G Mowat
There is a rumour that Iona was destroyed deliberately around 1980, for what reason and precisely how we do not know. Some reports are that she was towed out past Hunterston and scuttled, others that she was broken up on shore. I would dearly like to know anything further about her. Apart from Westra she would be the only boat that no longer existed.        

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